Senior Physiotherapy


The first appointment with a new client consists of a physical therapy (PT) evaluation. During the initial PT evaluation, the client's range of motion, strength, coordination, and functional movement is assessed to develop an individualized plan of care based on the client's impairments and goals. 

Follow up visits consist of individualized PT treatment in which techniques are utilized to target the client's impairments and movement dysfunctions, facilitating progress toward the client's goals. PT techniques used include stretching, strengthening, manual therapy, myofascial release, balance, coordination, and agility training. Education is also a critical part of the rehabilitation process, with the physical therapist providing training to the client on efficient body mechanics, postural awareness, fall prevention, prevention of reinjury and complications as appropriate.

Physical Therapy Session


Supervised one-on-one wellness sessions for individuals desiring to improve or maintain general strength, conditioning, and flexibility.